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When establishing the criteria to be applied to the translation of financial and economic texts, we must take into account that these texts are produced by professionals from within the business sector. They perform a specific role in the purchase and sale of products and services, and thus often refer to the specific regulations and conditions that govern particular commercial transactions. In addition, based on the degree of specialisation, it is possible that they use extremely precise terminology. Given the fact that equivalent terms do not always exist in the target language and culture, the financial translator has to employ various strategies in order to clarify connotations within the original terminology.

In contrast to what some may think, the mastery of a foreign language is a necessary tool for the translation process, but is not in itself sufficient in order to successfully complete the task. In addition, financial translators must naturally be familiar with the subject matter they are dealing with. As a consequence, the work of the translator requires specialisation and constant updating, and for that reason at Cosmovega we have qualified native translators with wide-ranging experience in financial translation, in order to be able to provide our customers with quality financial translations.

Traducción financiera

Our areas of specialisation within financial and economic translation

These are some of our areas of specialisation within financial and economic translation: management, accountancy, the stock exchange, banking, economics, statistics, insurance, etc.

We translate all types of financial and economic texts, such as balance sheets, annual accounts, financial reports, asset management, business plans, loans, articles of association, tax declarations, etc.

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